A New Theology – Iain Britton


There’s optimism for you

in that crimson canopy.

There’s this aboriginal connectedness
which is comprehensible

if you want it.


I’m told the way forward

is actually to enjoy
polishing the skins of various types of fruit
before we eat them.


Clouds              sprung loose

reassemble accurately

where I think inheritors
like us       are heading

up the brown-cracked path.

A new flag
black on red

flutters amongst
downtown conglomerates.

A new theology is being promulgated

promising lucky punters

dress-ups        in nativities of their own choice.

Iain Britton has had poetry published in New Zealand and overseas magazines, both on and offline/soft and hardback print. Oystercatcher Press (United Kingdom) published his third poetry collection in 2009. His first New Zealand collection is forthcoming in 2011. Visit Iain Britton’s website here.