Melbourne Poem – Scott Welsh & Stella Schubert

Text: Scott Welsh is a poet and playwright. He has sold his work on the street for nearly twenty years. His work is often a reflection of street life and he has practised this artform in Victoria and NSW. Recent collaborations with Stella Schubert have established a unique visual form. He is currently studying a Masters in Philosophical Studies at Deakin University exploring ‘Needle Fixation’. His work has been presented in ABC Radio National (‘The No Teeth People’ 2007) and La Mama Theatre, Melbourne.

Illustrations: Stella Schubert, Melbourne resident and thinker, has worked as an artist both individually and in collaborations since she was an adolescent. Massage therapist by day, artist by night, she is the creator of ‘Unrequited’, ‘Stranger In The Park’ and the official ‘Outcaste Weakly Poet’ cartoonist.