Bic Runga – Mark Tronson

Airbrushed acrylic ink on vinyl record, 1 of 8 in the set.

Painted for NZ music month and displayed at the Devonport Artspace in the “Sound room” exhibition in May 2010. Other musicians in the set incuded the Finn Brothers, Brooke fraser, Tiki Taane and others.


25 year old Mark Tronson learnt airbrushing techniques from Tony Vowells, a successful airbrush artist from Australia. Tony helped Mark extend his artistic skills past cartooning and pencil sketching by learning the fundamentals of airbrush mechanics and photo rendering techniques. In 2010 he entered a small series into an exhibition called “Sound Room” in Devonport’s Artspace where he glorified kiwi musicians on vinyl records. He is inspired by MC Escher, Brandon Boyd and Alex Grey. Mark is a full time musician, either performing acoustic sessions in bars or rocking out in the progressive rock band Frozen Alice.