Untitled – Tim Gaze

I was delighted to receive three submissions from talented Australian writer, Tim Gaze, whose work keenly represents the grinding of visual signs with meaning. My experience with the asemic frontier began with Tim’s journal, www.asemic.net, which is an essential starting point for anyone wanting to explore this tradition of unfamiliar writing. More of Tim’s work will appear in issue 2 of Rem, due out at the end of July.



untitled, black acrylic paint on paper (decalcomanies), 2011


Back in the days of Word for Windows 2.0, Tim Gaze used to write short programs in the bug-ridden language WordBasic, to mangle words & letters in various ways. These days, he is more inclined to make abstract prints, using $2.50 tubes of paint on ordinary A4 paper. He believes that writers & poets need not be sedate middle-class animals that drink wine. Among other places, he’s proud of the work published in Abstract Comics: The Anthology, VLAK 1, noology & 100 Scenes. He lives in the Adelaide Hills of South Australia.