The Kansas of English – Raymond Farr

In this pome
of isolated—


Part mountain goat
Part 40 watt apparitional state


as in LOST case
of cause célèbre


Deleted miscellany
Resume their function


In reruns of
In reruns of


A dungeon light
we have known
& loved


Our Miracle Whip dead’re
exiled to Bubble Yum


If I believe in
Sang froid, the body artist


I vomit his apostrophes


as/king tub out
of Iowa: who ate asparagus?


the Kansas of English?


or oblong Minerva is shooting
an omelet
The other his pulse
has Lennie to thank


His gear
Shifts post-war


To vent the I’m sorry


His tale is a pause
Of tall pails
Pausing like Jack


& like Jill


I’m damned if the echo
I cry in my brain stem—


Armless & wandering
You’re real after all!


I wouldn’t be here
If the bomb said my name, he told me


The glory hole stays holed, I replied


The blood puddings…
The schlock…
The cheap iron cutlery that once were his eyes…


The constant
Movement within


An aside


The author of meaning
His logos an ohm
Has closed like a circuit


of small empty chairs


Or is he like Steve? An empire? A stew?


not really, singing:
Or jolly


the original Lays’
baked chip, mumbling:


derniere derniere mise en scene
derniere derniere mise en scene


Until props fail
& works give


are doughing up
roaring like twenties


What is is
Is pieced from
Perceived lives
A past


& giving up


the city has charms

Raymond Farr is author of Ecstatic/.of facts (Otoliths 2011), There Is Something Missing in the Whole Transaction between Us (Blue & Yellow Dog Press 2011), & Writing What For? across the Mourning Sky (Argotist Ebooks 2011). He is editor of Blue & Yellow Dog. For more info visit his blog.