Gossamer 5 – Andrew Brenza

odderings in fogfall untilling
those tepui-fashioned
silences, so lame of lip and lung
gut and tongue, that lamé
of questions, herbrained
into hardened wordspools
of quinoa, of disinstance,
the likenesses of
errorspun lessnesses
too in, shadeslung of
mobius ribbons,
those thoughtnoosed
climacterics thereof…


brokefast with treblefar: a leafworry
a warmswarm, by hypertrough
trillfilms of watersly;

glutsomepeels of cloudduped
sleeplessness from souryarn
with rillglaze of winterscar;

frostfrolicking in lightscorn
aftermounts walklengths
above thoughtfallow habitrot;

a soul slawed toward yesternaught
like blackscooped skylake behind sneeze guards:
thus habitrant worms

the brachiations of treethwart
thus abyssal snow beneath
lungmold thingropes to angershell

a lillipution ostreococcus
thus a thneeded thigmotrope
eukaryotics me again

Andrew Brenza has had many professions in life. He has been a corporate concierge, a teacher, a social worker, and is now back in school studying to become a librarian despite approaching middle age. His work has been published internationally and can be found in or forthcoming from GlitterPony, Jellyfish Magazine, The Scrambler, Infinity’s Kitchen, Strange Horizons, and/or, and Shampoo, among others. He currently lives in New Jersey with his wife and son. Feel free to contact him at parrotgunner(at)gmail(dot)com if you wish.