The Old Story – Stephanie Christie

<span style="font-family: Times;">
<span style="font-size: 14;">
The sight of tigers enriches our lives
    enough to grow them behind bars.
  This fantasy’s used in retail.
If he loves you now it’s not like what he
   thought love meant
                       p.  latitudes
           My breaths are leaking

Graffiti fits.
He puts her in his mouth.
I delete all the misery
    the exhausting repetition
    a throat removed by magic

The body bosses what mind we live in.
    perfume metals the blood
       your charms are slimming
             your chances

We simplicate things so much
                                    more    now
  that death’s the ad we’re used to.
       de. vast.
                stating your ground
  The market has been loosed              the
         nothing is free

All these arguments tear out his hair
he tries to follow but he is too slow
they run off again ahead and pull
knife tricks in the long grass

           Sporn             demiurges
       materiality of dial ect
                                   r.       ical
                      gorge          is…..t
   your blood pills
         living hand to mouth over fist

Bodies crash into each other at speed, birds
   tying to get into each other’s houses.
I risk your thumbnail sliding down aorta.
We don’t kill what we love.  We kill our love
 when it gets too much, then we try to control
 what’s left to produce sensations.

It’s a miracle of modern nature.
     de.   cr.
                 ease  yr mind
      all thistalking makes me crazy
I need some urgent abstr

             re.spite from moral systems
             told as real.
I want a purechasm          s  culpable
             charismatic,   sullen                &amp; up as
           close            as sound is

my breath holds.
Somewhere between maths and emotion
   we find music. </span></span>

Stephanie Christie lives in the Waikato. She performs her work and makes it into zines, and has recently been included in Brief and in Landfall. Here is her latest video poetry collaboration: She is interested in tactile language, abstraction and feelings.