Four Works – Edward Kulemin

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Edward Kulemin was born in 1960, Yaroslavl (Russia). In 1984, he graduated from the Moscow Power Engineering Institute. He is an artist, poet, and an author of many realised and unrealised projects (texts, paintings, art objects, installations, performance, visual poetry, video art, photography, book-art, mail art). He has organised various communication creative societies—KEPNOS, Group of Unknown Artists, Smolensk School of Appologists, etc— and participated in many art exhibitions and festivals. His books include It seems to have begun (1994), Odnohujstvenny Ulysses (1995), By the artificial way (1998), and Multimatum (2002).

His works can be viewed on Facebook or read Heart, Heat, Hear, Eat, Ear, Artrophonia, or Commutation on Scribd. View his videoart on YouTube.